Do you deserve space on my screen?

[November 25, 2010]

Tablets are not taking over the world yet, but they are definitely claiming a seat at the table.

Apple timed its re-imagination of the tablet at such an apt time, building in much better interface and user experience, supported a plethora of content called apps that have given new life to the tablet category, much so that brands like Dell, RIM, Acer, LG, Samsung and many others have jumped in, touting their own good looks, great hardware and endless streams of possibilities.

Who will prevail, what will be the deciding factors? Are consumers really better off with that much options to choose from? How then should brands and agencies think about the apps ecosystem and what floats around, what gets downloaded, what gets the most usage

Simplifying tablet’s existence: 
Humans want to capture as much as possible within a fleeting moment —> Technology enables this with social media —> Social media lowers barrier to participation and engagment —>Tablets and smartphones increases opportunities to participate —> the world becomes flatter, leaner, more social and less forgiving.

Brands need to think about 2 factors as they plan their foray into this new space.

– How does their act/campaign/project/app/game facilitate participation

– How can they exact a positive influence on the social experience of the user


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