By 2014 screen futures: 40% of TV will have net connection

[First posted on January 3, 2011]

Quote [In five years, almost 40% of televisions produced for the U.S. market will have at least one TV set in the home with Internet connections and services.

Media research publisher Futurescape says this will amount to 43 million U.S. television homes out of 115.9 million overall U.S. TV homes. Other research suggests that 57 million U.S. TV homes will be viewing — at some time — regular full-length TV programs from online sources on their TV sets.]

What will set the stage for a whole new wave of demand for replacing that TV in your living room? Was it really having that 3D function or watching in High Definition? I’m thinking broadband connection,a decentralized content distribution and endless content selection as the next 3 key factors to help build the next tipping point.

Internet enabled TV will bring a whole new slew of content to the living room, encouraging even more divisive and disruptive watching habits, promising new interactions with brands and products that was once limited to the desktop.

Something to really think about for manufacturers will be the need to work closely with the broadband providers to provide smoother transitions and overcome its teething problems as consumers start to latch on to the wagon for their next digital joy ride.

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