Creeping influence of tablets in the workspace

[First published on November 2, 2010]

‘Global shipments of tablet computers will reach 81 million by 2015, according to estimates from Juniper Research.’
Nothing the man on the street can’t predict. What will be interesting to find out, is how will people start using the tablets in ways the manufacturers never built it for.

During a whirlwind mashed up week of endless discussions, brainstorms and late nights, Ipads were a common scene in the meetings, either on someone’s lap for taking notes, on the table drawing mindmaps or being typed away at furiously in a search for info.

What makes it different from typing away on a laptop in a discussion? Is it considered less obtrusive and distracting? For one, I felt it less intimidating than when i see someone typing away on a laptop while another is talking? Interesting how has this device manage to bridge the gap between disconnect and participation?

If the 80/20 rule applies to the Ipad, what will we spend 80% of our time on in the future?

juniper-tablet-nov-2010 juniper-tablet-market-nov-2010


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