Move over foursquare

[ First posted on January 4, 2011]

Strangely, just when you think coupons are dead, they are back! Location based services (LBS) will continue to be huge in the next year and will become the modern day equivalent of a coupon book. Soon everyone will realize that how not very exciting is Foursquare is. How many badges do one need? Going to a place and check in. The more you check in, the higher chances you will become the mayor of that location, and perhaps get some benefits. Now isn’t there a simpler way to earn these discounts? People are cheap and want coupons or vouchers. So imagine the next time you walk into your favourite store, you will receive a mobile coupon that entitles you to immediate discount off your favourite jeans. No more snipping and chasing for coupons and vouchers. No one really likes to carry them anyway. If you are a bargain hunter, now imagine you don’t need to be seen on the aisle that says 70% off.

Foursquare is a nice location based social networking site, enjoy it while it last.


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