Parking made easier

[First posted on December 17, 2010]

It’s Friday. 5pm. Kuala Lumpur. You have to brave the city traffic for an important meeting. You arrived at the parking lot, another 5 minutes before the meeting starts. There is no valet anywhere. Looking for parking at this office building is a nightmare. 2 minutes left. You can’t find a spot. So what the heck? You ended up parking at a no parking zone risking your car being clamped and fined.

Now what if there is an app that can alert you open car park spots in the vicinity that you are in. All you need to do is pick the one that is closest to where you want to go, drive up to that spot and tada! you are parked!

Imagine the similar concept of the green & red sensors at some of the parking lots in today’s malls. You see green, you know it’s available. Red means no go. Now imagine you have this information in hand before you even enter the parking lot. This will definitely saves you time and frustration.

In France, currently there is a new solution; ParkSense at work in Issy-les-Moulineaux uses in-ground sensors to provide such information automatically to drivers, made possible by SmartGrains ( Drivers are able to use the free ParkSense iPhone app to find out what parkings pots are available nearby.



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