Transit data: Now you can have coffee, buy that shirt and go

[First posted on November 4, 2010]

Just imagine that you are able to travel around the city without needing to worry if you are going to miss that bus or train, or wasting time waiting. The public transit information in your city is literally at your fingertips, all real time. Imagine that you know exactly what time you will be home after work (no more “on the way” excuses), or even have a coffee before hoping onto the bus. You know exactly how much time you have before the next bus(train) comes, and then to detour to your favourite store!

Thanks to technology and the increasing volume of smart phones and apps, this has cut down “waiting time” tremendously.  Time are better managed and spent. TriMet transportation system (Portland, Oregon), a new leader in data sharing, makes these data on public transit available and accessible to its many tech-savvy riders. They have allowed for the creation of over 35 phone applications since 2005 — all of which are designed to create a more informed user experience.

With information like these, wouldn’t you wanna skip driving in the city?


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