Offline and online media converging

[First posted on January 11, 2011]

What are the two most common technology we constantly use on a daily basis, almost to a habitual manner that we don’t even realize our usage? Mobile devices and Google search.

What is probably the biggest challenge we potentially face as we move into a new decade of mobility, location, and social commerce? Executing campaigns that not only put brands ahead of the curve in these trends, but also integrating digital and offline channels which delivers experiences that are Simple, Meaningful And Real Time (SMART).

I received a Tweet today about developments of Google Goggles (don’t know what that is? Click here to find out). Recent experiments with selected brands in the US have shown encouraging and exciting executions; these experiments also show the potential of Goggles in making offline media more interactive and, I could be shot for saying this, accountable.

The process is simple – see an ad, take a photo, let Goggles scan it, search results/campaign microsite shows up that leads to more information. Simple? Certainly. Real time? The fact that every phone (ok, I’m exaggerating a little) out there has a camera says it all. Meaningful? Now this part is new – the search/content consumption experience improves with this new image recognition search process. Consumers don’t have to search for that fine print web address on a print ad, they don’t have to guess what kind of keywords to search for (yes, even with Instant), and hooray – offline media can soon, in a way, deliver two way communication.

In Malaysia where print and out of home media still reign king in terms of ad spend, Goggles could make a whole world of difference in our crusade to move the digital industry forward. I’ll let the following video do the rest of the explaining about the new Goggles.


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