Inspiring Malaysia youths – One Young World 2011 report

[First posted on 5th April 2012]

Chanced upon this while doing some reading and searching about youths in Malaysia. An inspiring report on the youths in Malaysia, showcasing 100 projects these youths have initiated that impacted a total number of 147,936 people. The Impact report addresses the participation of young people in tackling pressing issues and creating positive impact in their respective communities.
For those of us who always think youths today, especially those from Malaysia have done nothing but indulge in the drunken offsprings of daydreaming, look no further than this to grasp an extent of the very passion for life and thirst to do good in all the inspiring projects catalouge here. Limitless possibilities abound!

Among some of those that caught my attention are
– Teach for Malaysia. a project to address education inequality
– Youth Jam, initiated by a girl from Penang
– Chow Kit Kita, cleaning up the Chow Kit community
– 50+1, a travel project initiated by youths and volunteers to create a guidebook
Also in the book, are the voices of the youths on some general issues that is captured in verbatims today, and a very interesting survey done on 500 youths on challenges and aspirations among youths today.
Look to these projects if you are in search of finding out some of the key influencers among the youths today, how we can connect with the youths of today, support them, live in their challenges. Be inspired.
Read all about it here. One Young World report [Report currently unavailable]


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