Professor Sameer Deshpande’s Tips on Social Marketing

Sameer Deshpande, Associate Professor at University of Lethbridge, popped by Starcom MediaVest Group Singapore to share insights on social marketing. Previously a media planner at Grey India, Professor Sameer crossed verticals in 2003 to become a social marketing academic and was armed with an arsenal of relevant and witty anecdotes.

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Professor Sameer shared his 7 Tips to Highly Effective Social Change, briefly:

  1. Scare versus Fun

While governmental units tend to focus on marketing fear, marketers place the focus on benefits – a combination would likely be more effective.

  1. Be the change you want to see in the world

Be research-oriented, understand human behaviour, interests and localise your solutions.

  1. Rationality = Mumbo-Jumbo

Condition the change you want to become a default behaviour by making the immediate environment more attractive.

  1. Communications itself (read: brochures) doesn’t change the world

….but it can mainstream behaviours.

  1. Be real

Promote single, doable behaviours and expect gradual change.

  1. Have both head and heart
  2. Create legacy

Motivate ongoing behaviour.

At the end of session, the Singapore team had an impromptu birthday celebration for Ranga Somanathan (bottom right), COO, Starcom MediaVest Group, SEA. What a great way to chase away the Monday blues and kick-off the week!

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Ranga Somanathan on the Challenges of Media in SEA

Ranga Somanathan, COO, SEA SMG, spoke to Mumbrella about what keeps him up at night – major challenges faced by the region, technological changes, talent crunch, and trends.

“Most of our people tend to be very humble, and if I had to make a change it would be to bring in a bit of a ‘hustling’ mindset.”

Read the full interview here:

Reebok ONE Challenge Poster Boy

Reebok ONE Challenge Poster Boy

SMG Singapore’s very own Joshua Kwah, Associate Director, Strategy & Growth is the poster boy for the upcoming Reebok ONE Challenge 2014 – The Great Escape, that will be held on 6 July.

A race modeled after the conventional game of police and thief, Reebok ONE participants would be “prisoners” attempting to outrun the “guards” over a 5km course. All participants can earn “life tags” through passing various fitness challenges/obstacles during the course. To further simulate an actual escape, the roving guards will be hunting down the participants’ life tags. Those who manages to finish the course with at least 1 tag remaining wins the race.

Organised by Pink Apple Pte Ltd, the Reebok ONE Challenge 2014 is an inaugural event title sponsored in Singapore by Reebok.

More about Joshua Kwah:

Josh has been a huge fan of the science behind strength and conditioning since he was part of the special forces and became an avid endurance athlete in his 20s. When he left the military and joined advertising, he took this interest along. Later introduced to CrossFit by a friend, he found it to be a very time-effective conditioning program. He carried his interest forth and studied for the certification as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Finally, he founded the CrossFit Mobilus community with his like-minded friends.

He coaches 1 – 2 times weekly after work and trains alongside the community on other days. The CrossFit Mobilus community is vibrant with initiatives such as Mission of the Month where they mobilise the community’s fitness to the community’s benefit – e.g. fund raiser workouts to raise funds for the suvivors of Typhoon Haiyan, teaching CrossFit to delinquents and distributing N95 mask during the haze period in Singapore.

“We have a close working relationship with Reebok. Our trainers are endorsed by Reebok and every now and then, we help in their publicity – Hence, I was recently selected with another Mobilus member to be the talent for the upcoming run’s publicity,” Joshua Kwah, Associate Director, Strategy & Growth, SMG Singapore.