Rajesh Mahtani on The Modern Pillars of Media

Rajesh Mahtani, Head of Strategy & Growth, SMG SEA, recently penned his thoughts on The Modern Pillars of Media.

It’s a world of changes – the media planning model in today’s world has been disrupted with the inclusion of data and technology at the intersection. It is time to ask ourselves this – what are the modern pillars of media that form the foundation of planning and delivering campaigns?

In his opinion, the five pillars that cater to the modern consumer journey are:
1. Discoverability
2. Conversability
3. Addressability
4. Shareability
5. Agility

The modern pillars of media are a lot more human and experiential in nature. And complex, in terms of their measurement…The key difference is that campaigns today need to not just be designed for the collective (our focus in the past), but also delivered to the individual. And with data and technology, we are able to target precisely the people we want.

Read the full article here.


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