Laura Desmond’s Singapore visit

Singapore/SEA Headquarters, January 28 2015 – SMG Singapore was delighted to host our global CEO, Laura Desmond, COO John Sheehy and regional & country CEOs in our office. Despite her jam-packed schedule in Singapore meeting clients as the CEOs in Asia, Laura held a town hall in the Singapore office.

LBDtownhall2 LBDtownhall3

LBD townhall1

Laura spoke about the value of the Singapore office, which hosts the Southeast Asia regional headquarters which has high value. The strongest digital talent walks the hallways in Singapore and our global clients have the headquarters here.

“Singapore is a very important market as it is the centre of client activity. It’s a market that punches above its weight.”

Laura spoke in depth about media being at the centre of the tech revolution, that clients want the complex made simple. She urged all of us to lead them from ahead and to keep pushing clients beyond boundaries.

“Fast beats big,” she added.

“Be bold, be brave. I would much rather you ask forgiveness, not permission,” she said, adding, “I have made so many mistakes in my career but I learnt not to get beaten down. Failure is the experience to get me to the next thing.”

We gathered to take a photo with the Travelling Trophy from Cannes and FOMG.

Onward to our GIC goal!

LBD Travelling Trophy 2015

Laura was also interviewed on Bloomberg TV in Singapore. Do check out the interview at the link below.

LBD Bloomberg TV LBD Bloomberg TV_2015


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