Congrats to the SMG Philippines team for securing new work and clients!

Awesome piece of news from our SMG Philippines colleagues.

They have just pick up new work and business wins from Coca-Cola, Smart Telecom, Unilab and LiWayWay.

Click here to read more about. Congratulations to the team!

#MakeNextNow #WinAsOne

SMG Philippines CEO, Leah Besa Jimenez


Congratulations to SMG Malaysia for their wins at the Malaysia Media Awards

Kudos, well done Team AIA and Digi for their wins. You guys rock.

Best Use of Social Media – GOLD
Campaign: Letter for the Future, Brand: AIA

Best Use of Audio/Radio – SILVER
Campaign: DiGi Lalang Chong entertains Malaysian World Cup Fans, Brand: Digi

Best Use of Branded Content – AIA/Letter for the Future
Best Integrated Media – AIA/Letter for the Future
Best Use of Digital Performance Marketing – Digi/DiGi Lalang Sampai Menang – Football predictions
Best Use of Digital Performance Marketing – Samsung/The Ambush – Winning over iOS Prospects
Best Use of Small Budget – Reaching Small Business Owners with SME-vertising

Catch the winning reels at

Valentine’s Day surprise at SMG Singapore

Although this now a few months late, but this is an important part of our Singapore culture. Sharing this here.

A day before Valentine’s Day, the women at SMG Singapore woke up to a single, stalk of rose on our desks.

The message said:

Hi ladies,

Hope you are pleasantly surprised when you arrive in office in the morning.

This is a Starcom Singapore tradition whereby the ladies in the office are deeply appreciated, of course not only on Valentine’s day but every single day.

Thanks go out to Jeffrey, Ranga, Rajesh, Ian, Ben, Lars, Joshua and Stephen Tompkins and all the other guys in the office.

Enjoy the day!



Culture is a word for people’s ‘way of life’, meaning the way groups do things. Different groups of people may have different cultures. At SMG Singapore, we celebrate everything. It binds us together.

Photo credit: Ranga Somanathan, our alpha male COO of Southeast Asia!

Valentine's Day Rose  ValentineVelocity