The Agenda-less Press Lunches

We decided to put a spin on press lunches this August.

Companies & PR departments always want something from the press. How about putting a different spin on it – that we don’t want anything, just saying thanks the support.

Ian Loon, our digital backbone of SMG SEA led the first ‘Agenda-less Press Lunch’ with Nikki Wicks, Campaign Asia’s SEA Editor. Ian & Nick have met before and this time round, I observed a chemistry that popped and a mutual respect for each other’s professions.

Ian Loon_Campaign Asia lunch_2015

Our second ‘Agenda-less Press Lunch’ was with Chan Chao Peh, Senior Writer at The Edge, financial newspaper. Chao Peh covers equities but his secondary beat is advertising. He has written a profiles on our CEO, Jeffrey Seah and met John Sheehy, President of Global Operations at SMG earlier this year. Jeffrey & Chao Peh know each other but this time the conversation flowed freely and artfully – always a nice change from plugging trends or SMG’s suite of services.

The Edge Press Lunch. 2015

What are your thoughts on ‘The Agenda-less Press Lunches’?


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