Starcom Mediavest Group names talent management lead for SEA

sujatha-e1452582890923-700x420A big welcome to Sujatha!

Starcom Mediavest Group has appointed Sujatha Maniya as talent management head for Southeast Asia. Maniya replaces Tang Seok Hian, Talent Management Lead for SEA, who left to be a consultant.

She reports into Jeffrey Seah, Country Chair VivaKi & CEO Starcom Mediavest Group Southeast Asia.

Her responsibilities include the development of strategic HR business plans, talent management and change management.

“Human Resource as a business practice is in a powerful position to influence business success in 2016, especially as organisational changes and shifting priorities continue to increase in complexity, frequency and scope,”Maniya (pictured) said.

“Organisations need to apply several strategies to prepare for and more effectively adjust during continuous change and at the core of those strategies are the HR business partners. HRBPs who improve their skills, maintain partnerships and confidently and competently manage projects they lead, can make these changes, successful realties in their organisations.”

“Culture, employer branding and industry outreach become key priorities for HR as each company competes in the space of talent attraction and acquisition. This means that most HR, if not all, will need to sell better, seal strategic partnerships with key players in the industry, and manage talent communities,” Seah said.

The Agenda-less Press Lunches

We decided to put a spin on press lunches this August.

Companies & PR departments always want something from the press. How about putting a different spin on it – that we don’t want anything, just saying thanks the support.

Ian Loon, our digital backbone of SMG SEA led the first ‘Agenda-less Press Lunch’ with Nikki Wicks, Campaign Asia’s SEA Editor. Ian & Nick have met before and this time round, I observed a chemistry that popped and a mutual respect for each other’s professions.

Ian Loon_Campaign Asia lunch_2015

Our second ‘Agenda-less Press Lunch’ was with Chan Chao Peh, Senior Writer at The Edge, financial newspaper. Chao Peh covers equities but his secondary beat is advertising. He has written a profiles on our CEO, Jeffrey Seah and met John Sheehy, President of Global Operations at SMG earlier this year. Jeffrey & Chao Peh know each other but this time the conversation flowed freely and artfully – always a nice change from plugging trends or SMG’s suite of services.

The Edge Press Lunch. 2015

What are your thoughts on ‘The Agenda-less Press Lunches’?

#SG50 – What’s Next?

As Singapore celebrates its 50 years as a nation, below is an excerpt written by Jeffrey Seah, CEO for Starcom Mediavest Group SEA. He was invited by The Peak magazine to pen his thoughts for the Lion City – the past and future.

His thoughts are below.

Wishing everyone in Singapore, a great celebration for her 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Singapore!


Laura Desmond’s Singapore visit

Singapore/SEA Headquarters, January 28 2015 – SMG Singapore was delighted to host our global CEO, Laura Desmond, COO John Sheehy and regional & country CEOs in our office. Despite her jam-packed schedule in Singapore meeting clients as the CEOs in Asia, Laura held a town hall in the Singapore office.

LBDtownhall2 LBDtownhall3

LBD townhall1

Laura spoke about the value of the Singapore office, which hosts the Southeast Asia regional headquarters which has high value. The strongest digital talent walks the hallways in Singapore and our global clients have the headquarters here.

“Singapore is a very important market as it is the centre of client activity. It’s a market that punches above its weight.”

Laura spoke in depth about media being at the centre of the tech revolution, that clients want the complex made simple. She urged all of us to lead them from ahead and to keep pushing clients beyond boundaries.

“Fast beats big,” she added.

“Be bold, be brave. I would much rather you ask forgiveness, not permission,” she said, adding, “I have made so many mistakes in my career but I learnt not to get beaten down. Failure is the experience to get me to the next thing.”

We gathered to take a photo with the Travelling Trophy from Cannes and FOMG.

Onward to our GIC goal!

LBD Travelling Trophy 2015

Laura was also interviewed on Bloomberg TV in Singapore. Do check out the interview at the link below.

LBD Bloomberg TV LBD Bloomberg TV_2015