SMG Singapore Wins SG50 Award

SMG has won the Singapore 50 Enterprise business award.

The Singapore 50 Enterprise award celebrates the great contributions to the success of Singapore, creating breakthroughs that would be of advantage to all businesses within the country, perpetuating the economic success of Singapore where businesses have played a part in for the last 50 years.


The eligibility criteria & selection for SG 50 Enterprise 2015 has been rigorous.

  • Only a number of 50 entities are open to all industry/trade for 2015.
  • Each participant must be nominated by the public before participating in the award.
  • Only a limited of up to a maximum number of 5 nominees or participants in each sector of industry
  • Generation of healthy revenues given the human financial capital and other resources the company possess.
  • Good business practices, operational efficiency and outstanding performance
  • The company, in any way or manner, have contributed to the economic growth of Singapore within the past 50 years.
  • The company has to be an established businesses which are “iconic” in their sector of industry.

There will be an article out in January on SMG in The Business Times so we will let everyone know when it’s out.

The editor Amanda Tan asked us in the interview: “What makes SMG stand out from its competitors?

My answer was “We have the humility of a start-up and scale of a multi-national company with offices in Moscow, Bogotá, Africa, New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore. We reinvent and never accept status quo. We have the right knowledge, technology to inspire employees and brands to  be super-brands & super-employees.”


“This award is for the team in Singapore – you make our culture stick & click and this shows in pitches and in our cohesiveness as a company,” said Patricia Goh, Managing Director SMG Singapore.




Starcom Mediavest Group Philippines Wins Big At I.C.E.

At the recent I.C.E (Insights, Creativity, Effectiveness) Awards, Starcom Mediavest Group Philippines bagged 4 awards out of its 4 submissions:

  • Silver: Share a Coke Philippines (Multimedia Category),
  • Bronze: Biogesic’s Ingat na Damang Dama Sineserye (Single Medium Category),
  • Bronze: McDonald’s National Breakfast Day (Multimedia Category),
  • Bronze: Splash’s Maxi-Peel Journey to Renewal (Single Medium Category).

I.C.E Awards is the first ever 100% media awards for media agencies and organised by MSAP (Media Specialist Association of the Philippines). Judges came from the advertisers, academe, research and creative agencies. No media agencies or vendors were included in the panel of judges.

These awards come after bagging the Agency Of the Year Awards held last July where Starcom Mediavest Group took home the AOY Overall Media Excellence Award and Best in Business Performance recognition.

Starcom Mediavest Group Smashes Thai RECMA Ranking As #1 Media Agency

Atipol Ithivatana, CEO Thailand

Thailand, 28 October 2015 – Starcom Mediavest Group in Thailand has topped RECMA’s Qualitative Evaluation for media agencies.

The Qualitative Evaluation reflects the impact of the preliminary 2015 Compitches as well as the recent moves and agency developments, and thorough revision of the Resources and Client Portfolio assessments. 


SMG hit the #1 spot through:

  • Competitiveness mainly measured by pitches results over the last three years.
  • Momentum measured by the short and mid-term activity growth, new business activity, changes to the top management and awards
  • Resources in Digital and Diversified Services (Outdoor, Branded Content, Entertainment, Sponsoring/Events, Multi-Cultural, Retail, Econometrics, etc.), ratio of diversification, geographical coverage
  • Client Profile: number of big advertisers handled, number of local advertisers, share of the 3 biggest (exposure) and relationship stability of the top 10 clients

14 media agencies are ranked with scores from +18 to -4 points; following a decreasing classification from “High Profile”, “Good profile” and “Average profile”.

Starcom Mediavest Group was the media agency with high profile with 18 points.

The benchmark which is, part of the Qualitative Evaluation, compares short and long term periods: October 2015 vs. October 2014 and since end 2013.

“When an organisation succeeds it is because its people know what they do and why they do it. We have always been a purpose-driven organisation – human experiences matter,” said Atipol Ithivatana, CEO Starcom Mediavest Group Thailand.

“Our new purpose builds upon our past success, unleashing the power of digital, data and content, integrating them all together,” said Jeffrey Seah CEO Starcom Mediavest Group Southeast Asia, Country Chair VivaKi.

RECMA is an independent research company publishing media agency reports. The French headquartered firm provides strategic intelligence reference tools to help the top 500 global advertisers in their decision-taking and agency sourcing.

SMG’s Night At The Singapore Media Awards 2015

At the Singapore Media Awards 2015, it was a night of pride and joy for SMG. We won a total of 6 awards.

With a total of 12 finalists, we won 3 campaign awards – Best Use of Experiential Marketing (Heineken), Best Social Media Campaign (Heineken) and Best Use of Content (Tiger). All great category wins. Congratulations to the APBS team !!!

Samsung was crowned as the Strongest Brand. This is a new award whereby SMA partners with Brand Finance Plc whose judging criteria was rigorous with Brand Strength Index (BSI) a consistent, competitive benchmarking tool that identifies the strength of each brand looking at Inputs – communication, visibility, Brand Equity and Qualitative measures – increase in revenue, market share etc to determine the winner. Congratulations to Team Samsung – Elaine and Janice’s teams. !!

SMA 2015 - Samsung

For those who were present at the award ceremony will agree with me that it was a night full of joy and emotion for our bubbly Joanne Fu who won the Young Media Person of Year. Well done Joanne! I hope you will continue to give your best.

Joanne FuSMA 2015 - Young Media Person

Last but not least, we were also awarded the King of the Media Jungle – People’s Choice. Thanks to all of you for voting and getting all your clients, media partners, friends and family to vote.