The meteoric rise of group clout

[First posted on January 10, 2011]

A really nice infographic about the rise of Groupon. With the multiple copycats springing up due to low barriers of entry to the business, how will Groupon innovate to keep the copycats from snapping at its tail, especially when serving a group of fickle minded, practical audience? Some thoughts why they may face an uphill struggle to move forward.

– It’s the savings and the products offered that drive demand, not the website experience.

– It’s human resource intensive and a huge part of securing special deals may not be easily automated.

– Copycat sites who have established locally enjoy first mover advantage


One thing we can be sure of, as group-buying sites move to differentiate in terms of deals and offers, the end consumer will stand to gain. Get ready to trade your email for a enjoying a rush of new deals everyday. *wink