Mobile solutions: we need morez!

[First posted on January 12, 2011]

If you’re in advertising too, you’d share the same sentiments as me about mobile and how often this topic pops up in conversations with clients and industry stakeholders. Let’s put this into a Malaysian context first – We all know that Andriod and iPhone apps are the rage these days; given the relatively small base of users of these two platforms, creating applications that are targeted specifically at a Malaysian audience, unfortunately, still isn’t feasible.

Unless, of course, if you’re creating for a global brand that scales in multiple markets e.g. Malaysia Airlines’ augmented reality app MHdeals

Other than apps, what other opportunities are there for advertisers? To be honest, I’m bored of wap banners, no matter how ridiculously high CTRs can get. Mobile search have not really taken off in Malaysia, and SMS spam advertising is over-used everywhere.

I went searching for inspiration and found this really cool online banner campaign executed by Gol Airlines (Brazilian aviation company) that fused banner advertising and mobile interaction. I’m genuinely impressed by the feat of connecting a mobile device, in real time, to a piece of animated flash game served as a banner ad on multiple sites.

As pictures can speak a thousand words, videos can…I don’t know, speak a million? Enjoy.

*my source of inspiration: Digtal Buzz Blog

edit: Another interesting and emerging mobile solution: tagging and product preview. Many potential applications to this, not just providing addtional product information but also mobile coupons, call to action platform that leads to digital resource, etc. Find out more